Flowable Repair Mortar for Cathodic Protection Devices

EUCOREPAIR CP is a flowable mortar, suitable for pumping or pouring into formed areas to repair concrete substrates. Formulated with a very low volumetric resistivity to be compatible with cathodic protection devices used to protect the steel within concrete structures.

Features & Benefits

  • Appropriate permeability, volumetric resistivity in range for use with galvanic jacket anodes
  • Extended placement time for difficult to reach areas
  • Can be hand applied or mechanically pumped
  • Does not contain microsilica, fly ash, slag or chlorides
  • Contains an anti-washout agent - perfect for underwater repairs
  • Excellent freeze/thaw durability


  • Galvanic jackets used to protect marine piles and other structural components
  • Underwater repairs
  • Parking structures
  • Bridge repairs
  • Balconies

Specifications / Compliances

  • EUCOREPAIR CP meets Florida DOT specification 930-7.2.1 for use as a filler in/around cathodic protection devices.


EUCOREPAIR CP is packaged in 50 lb (22.7 kg) bags